• Tips on living habits after Kidney Transplantation!

    2018-03-31 15:32:13

    Prohibition of smoking, alcohol: the incidence of lung cancer in smokers is high, this is because smoking has certain damage to the lungs, alcohol is mainly metabolized in the liver after drinking, and has different degrees of damage to liver function. Th...


  • Membranous nephropathy proteinuria a lot but the prognosis is very good!

    2018-02-22 09:50:57

    The following introduction is proteinuria may not be less than 1 g, but the prognosis can still be a good disease type-membranous nephropathy! Membranous nephropathy is a common type of nephropathy in middle and old people, usually occurring after 40 year...


  • As early as prevention, chronic kidney disease is not terrible!

    2018-02-09 16:54:43

    Although the kidney is small, it has many functions. It can not only remove the toxin produced by human metabolism, regulate the balance of water, electrolyte, acid and base, but also secrete some hormones and regulate blood pressure. However, if you dont...


  • To maintain the long-term stability of renal function, must do a good job of these four points

    2018-02-07 17:19:37

    Uremia is the most familiar and feared thing for all patients with kidney disease, and most of them are no longer frightened at all times. Although, most of the data show that through the existing medical treatment, Most of our patients with chronic nephr...


  • Is the reduction of urine volume early signs of renal failure?

    2018-02-01 16:01:43

    Many patients with renal failure clinically say they have had symptoms of oliguria, so is oliguria an early sign of renal failure? What should we pay attention to? The symptoms of oliguria or anuria in patients with nephropathy are probably due to acute r...


  • The amount of urine protein does not necessarily reflect the severity of renal disease

    2018-01-14 14:09:49

    Urine protein is a common marker and risk factor of renal disease, but the amount of urinary protein does not necessarily reflect the severity of renal disease. Many people know that proteinuria is an important objective indicator of nephritis. In urine p...


  • Kidney disease caused by upper respiratory tract infection

    2018-01-12 17:21:12

    Every fall, pediatric nephrotic syndrome increased because of respiratory infections . This is because between the Mid-Autumn Festival, the weather suddenly hot and cold, children easily lead to respiratory infections, such as colds, tonsillitis, acute ph...


  • What kind of kidney disease will not develop into uremia?

    2018-01-06 17:20:35

    In fact, the most apex around the kidney of patients with the tip of the problem is that one day into fear of uremia, even if a considerable number of patients have been cured of the disease, will still worry about which day kidney failure uremia. Which k...


  • How does kidney disease patients care of kidney health?

    2018-01-04 17:20:13

    Kidney health is of great significance to the human body. In the eyes of ordinary people, the kidney is always good to pour some special significance. This has led many people to kidney as an important matter. So, how exactly is it possible to care for th...


  • Does diabetics need to limit their drinking water? How much water to drink every day?

    2017-12-31 17:09:57

    Drink more water and more urine is the typical symptoms of diabetes, so some people do not dare to drink plenty of water, in order to reduce the number of urination, but actually can not achieve the desired effect, which is why ? If the diabetic lack of w...


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