• Which nephrosis can be controlled for a long time?

    2017-12-17 16:04:05

    In addition to asked about whether nephropathy can not cure? The most concern is how long will it be a problem. For this problem, doctors are actually quite helpless, how long, the doctor cant decide for you, this is from your inner desire for life. In fa...


  • Why does membranous nephropathy are insensitive to hormones?

    2017-12-17 16:01:47

    Membranous nephropathy is a common nephrotic syndrome. Unlike other pathological types of nephrotic syndrome, membranous nephropathy is not sensitive to hormones. The therapeutic effect is often not ideal. Causes of membranous nephropathy According to the...


  • People who are not suitable for eating low sodium salt!

    2017-12-11 17:24:26

    Compared with common salt, the notable characteristic of low sodium salt is reduced sodium content and increased potassium content. Potassium is able to resist high sodium blood pressure by expanding blood vessels, decreasing blood vessel resistance and i...


  • How does diabetics prevent nephropathy?

    2017-12-05 10:31:01

    Diabetic nephropathy is a common complication of diabetes and is one of the manifestations of diabetic systemic microvascular disease. The kidney is mainly composed of capillary groups, and hyperglycemia itself can damage capillaries and increase vascular...


  • Can IgA nephropathy patients be injected with hepatitis B vaccine?

    2017-11-16 15:23:08

    The patient often asks the doctor in the course of his visit: I suffer from IgA nephropathy, can i inject hepatitis B vaccine? According to the risk of international KIDGO guide of chronic kidney disease and infection, recommended adult patients with the ...


  • What should be attention when nephropathy patients taking Kaitong?

    2017-11-12 15:02:24

    Kaitong is not a drug, should be regarded as a supplement. May be a lot of patients when taking kaitong, forget doctors words that high quality low protein diet, or even remember, also dont know why. We know that it is necessary to control protein intake ...


  • How to ensure the recurrence of nephrotic syndrome without recurrence?

    2017-10-29 17:09:55

    For nephrotic syndrome, if the disease can not be maintained for a long period of time, in a sense, that is cured. The patient must try to avoid the cold, not cold. In addition, the mood is particularly important for patients with kidney disease, if a pat...


  • How to deal with the pain caused by kidney stones?

    2017-10-22 17:34:33

    Kidney stone is a common urinary system disease. Its etiology is complex, and its composition is perse. The common components of kidney stones include calcium stones, infection stones, uric acid stones, etc.. Data show that kidney stone is a benign diseas...


  • Renal damage caused by dyslipidemia

    2017-10-18 18:13:35

    Dyslipidemia may accelerate the onset of atherosclerosis, leading to the risk of coronary heart disease. However, dyslipidemia will damage the kidneys, especially have kidney disease, because of the lack of this knowledge, so no one to pay attention to, e...


  • How does lipid abnormalities damage the kidneys?

    2017-10-18 18:12:08

    Once someone with a lipid rich food to feed a lot of rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, high lipid appear in plasma, the results showed their glomerular increased, renal tissue changes under the microscope, found that glomerular sclerosis, and some of these chan...


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