• Child hydronephrosis care precautions

    2017-09-25 16:36:09

    Hydronephrosis is not limited to adult world, children are also susceptible to one of the crowd. Many children from birth to carry hydronephrosis, children with hydronephrosis care is essential, children with hydronephrosis in life there are many consider...


  • How do you always go to the toilet at night?

    2017-09-24 15:09:44

    How do you always go to the toilet at night? Leading to the night is always on the toilet for many reasons, there are physiological and pathological points, the patient should first determine the cause, and then symptomatic treatment. The following is a s...


  • What factors influence the prognosis of renal artery stenosi

    2017-09-20 15:32:15

    Factors that affect the prognosis of renal artery stenosis include: Antihypertensive therapy: with unilateral renal artery stenosis, kidney function stability, interventional therapy can occur, patients who do not tolerate surgical treatment of contraindi...

    Tags:renal artery

  • Are soy products suitable for patients with kidney disease?

    2017-09-16 14:13:45

    Patients with kidney disease can take soy products? This problem worries most patients with kidney disease. Then soy products can progress the progress of kidney disease? Many people think that protein digestion and its absorption by the human body will p...

    Tags:kidney disea

  • Under what conditions kidney biopsy is necessary?

    2017-09-15 15:34:47

    Renal biopsy is the most common diagnostic method for renal disease. It is not only used for the pathological diagnosis of native kidney or transplanted kidney, but also helps to further understand the occurrence, development and prognosis of the disease,...


  • Easily lead to urinary protein positive factors which?

    2017-09-14 15:22:03

    Urine protein is the bodys urine protein content is too high caused. Normal urine with trace protein, the normal range of negative for the negative, recorded as (-). Urine protein content of up to 0.15g / 24h or more, said proteinuria, urine prescription ...


  • What is the pain of renal biopsy? What is the big side effec

    2017-09-14 15:20:13

    What is the pain of renal biopsy? What is the big side effect? This is a lot of patients with kidney disease are worried about the problem, due to a wide range of kidney disease, etiology and pathogenesis of complex, so the need for renal biopsy diagnosis...


  • What is the reason for the increase in urinary foam?

    2017-09-13 15:19:29

    What is the reason for the increase in urinary foam? Recently, Mr. Wang found his urine is not the same as usual, the urine bubble increased significantly, Mr. Wang was confused, so we made a consultation. The following is my hospital on the reasons for t...


  • What are the causes of hypertension nephropathy?

    2017-09-12 17:08:13

    Hypertension is a serious disease, prolonged high blood pressure is not controlled, it will directly cause kidney lesions appear, such as glomerular atherosclerosis, renal interstitial fibrosis, resulting in reduced function and ultimately the performance...


  • Guidelines for the prevention of hypertensive nephropathy

    2017-09-12 17:06:07

    What are the guidelines for the prevention of hypertensive nephropathy? Hypertensive nephropathy is a relatively common kidney disease, this kidney disease will bring great pain to people. We should do a good job in advance to prevent the emergence of the...


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