• Tongshantang hospital:hematuria factors

    2017-09-11 16:40:09

    Some people usually urinate when there will be hematuria, we know what is the cause of urine bleeding, why would such a situation, in fact, hematuria this disease must cause everyones attention, there are many factors will produce hematuria, the following...


  • How to tell if the kidneys are healthy?

    2017-09-09 16:02:23

    Whether the kidney is healthy has a great impact on the human body, then how can we know whether our kidneys are healthy? The following is criteria for judging kidney health in Chinese and Western Medicine, for your reference. Chinese medicine determine w...


  • Patients with polycystic kidney disease should pay attention

    2017-09-08 17:23:03

    Due to the decline in metabolism of kidney disease in patients with renal, so the polycystic kidney diet to control the intake of protein and fat food, also salted, spicy and rotten food do not eat. Because they usually appear edema symptoms of kidney dis...

    Tags:polycystic k

  • Diabetic nephropathy need attention to diet and exercise

    2017-09-08 15:15:19

    Once the diabetic patients with abnormal proteinuria abnormalities, it is necessary to reduce or not eat vegetable protein, such as beans and soy products. Can be quantitative intake of high quality animal protein, such as lean meat and peeled fish an...

    Tags:diabetic nep

  • Diabetes diet and diabetic nephropathy diet must be distingu

    2017-09-08 15:13:35

    Diabetes mellitus and diabetic nephropathy are two different diseases, many people are confused, think that two kinds of disease is a kind of disease, all in accordance with the diabetes diet to arrange, in fact both in the diet are different, so what is ...

    Tags:Diabetes die

  • What are the renal congenital abnormalities have?

    2017-09-05 16:47:03

    What are the renal congenital abnormalities have? The kidney is the most important excretory organ of the human body. The problem of the kidneys can cause metabolic waste in the body and can not be excreted in the body, resulting in various problems in th...

    Tags:renal congen

  • Can membranous nephropathy be cured?

    2017-09-05 16:45:20

    Can membranous nephropathy be cured? Membranous nephropathy is slower to recover. The disease can be cured, but the prognosis is different for different populations. The following is a detailed introduction. Can membranous nephropathy be cured? Membranous...

    Tags:membranous n

  • How to grade hypertensive retinopathy?

    2017-09-05 16:38:03

    About 70% of hypertensive patients have fundus changes. There is no correlation between the changes of fundus and sex, but it is closely related with the age of the patients. How to grade hypertensiveretinopathy? How to grade hypertensiveretinopathy ? Hyp...


  • Notes on diet in patients with hypertensive nephropathy

    2017-09-01 18:06:24

    We know that a healthy and reasonable diet can play a big role in the rehabilitation of our diseases. Patients with hypertension kidney disease diet should pay more attention to it and have good habits. So, hypertension kidney disease diet should pay atte...


  • What are the diet contraindications of patient with hydronep

    2017-08-25 18:24:49

    What are the diet contraindications of patients with hydrnephrosis?Dietof hydronephrosis patients should limit the daily intake of salt and water in patients with hydronephrosis. Limit the intake of salt, mainly for patients with edema and hypertension, b...

    Tags:diet of hydr

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