• Diabetic nephropathy in patients with diet and exercise

    2017-08-20 17:22:03

    Reasonable plan diet: low salt, low protein, low cholesterol, low fat diet Diabetic nephropathy diet principle. Once the diabetic patients with abnormal proteinuria abnormalities, it is necessary to reduce or not eat vegetable protein, such as beans and s...

    Tags:diabetic nep,diabetic nep

  • Diabetic patients should be aware of the new indicators of d

    2017-08-20 17:15:26

    Chronic kidney disease is a common complication of diabetes. Recently, Chinas diabetic nephropathy researchers retrospectively analyzed the clinical and laboratory data of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, the prevalence of chronic kidney disease. T...

    Tags:diabetic nep,diabetic

  • Tong Shantang experts for your analysis of diabetic nephropa

    2017-08-20 17:09:57

    Clinically, the diabetic nephropathy is pided into early and clinical diabetic nephropathy two. Staging is based on the number of urinary albumin excretion, early is the amount of microalbuminuria, clinical diabetic nephropathy for significant albuminuria...

    Tags:Tong Shantan,diabetic nep

  • Nursing care of diabetic nephropathy patients

    2017-08-19 17:26:09

    Diabetic nephropathy patients in addition to actively cooperate with the doctors treatment, but also do daily care work. How to care for patients with diabetic nephropathy? This is the question that many diabetic nephropathy patients and family members wa...

    Tags:care of diab

  • Three measures for kidney health: salt control, massage, die

    2017-08-19 17:22:00

    Patients with kidney disease always think that to protect the kidney function you need to take medicine, in fact, its wrong. To protect the kidney function, there are many methods. Lets mute tell three measures to protect the kidneys: salt restriction, ma...

    Tags:Kidney healt,salt restric,diet with ki,falling,health knowl

  • Can anorexia cause anaemia?

    2017-08-19 17:15:32

    Can anorexia lead to anemia,anemia refers to human peripheral blood red cell volume reduction, a common clinical symptom is lower than the lower limit of the normal range. Because of the complexity of red cell volume measurement, hemoglobin (Hb) concentra...


  • Development and treatment of diabetic nephropathy

    2017-08-17 18:46:13



  • How does patient of kidney disease stay away from hematuria

    2017-08-15 11:57:34

    How does patient of kidney disease stay away from hematuria and proteinuria? How does patient of kidney disease stay away from hematuria and proteinuria? Hematuria and proteinuria are common symptoms of many kidney patients. When hematuria, peoples urine ...

    Tags:kidney disea,hematuria,proteinuria

  • How do patients with kidney disease self-care?

    2017-08-15 11:53:31

    Kidney is the most important organ of the body, for our body has a great impact. The treatment of kidney disease, including the rehabilitation of patients with kidney disease. So, how can patients with kidney disease self-care? The following is a detailed...

    Tags:kidney disea

  • Dietary plan for patients with polycystic kidney disease

    2017-08-13 18:10:18

    Polycystic kidney disease is a hereditary kidney disease, and the main symptoms of kidney hematuria, abdominal mass, abdominal pain.Thekidney disease hospital experts remind polycystic kidney patients in addition to active treatment, is also very importan...

    Tags:polycystic k

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