• Can kidney failure patient eat kelp?

    2016-12-24 14:06:09

    Kelp is a common food, but some people can eat some people can not eat, is the introduction of kelp. Chinese medicine: kelp cool, anti-inflammatory antipyretic, blood and moistening spleen and lower blood pressure. Often eat kelp, endemic go...


  • What fruit can kidney failure eat?

    2016-12-24 14:02:25

    Renal failure patients eat some fruit in the life, certainly not indiscriminate eating Hu eat, what patients should be eating, also should be considered in patients with disease and. Here are some kidney failure patients eat fruit little com...


  • Renal failure patients to moderate exercise

    2016-12-24 14:01:35

    Renal failure patients need active exercise, but if the blind choice of exercise exercise may also be health care against harm. Aim: in aerobic exercise 3 times a week, at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise; strength training: walking, jog...


  • Prevention of renal failure

    2016-12-24 11:00:04

    In kidney disease, renal failure is a common disease, this disease is a hazard for patients, and now for the treatment of this disease is quite troublesome, in order to avoid such a disease like diseases, in life we must do the relative prev...


  • The effective prevention of renal failure?

    2016-12-24 10:54:28

    Has been much attention. Many patients, due to renal failure disease, resulting in drowsiness, fatigue, physical swelling, urine volume changes, high serum creatinine symptoms, affecting the patients work and life. 1, pay attention to the sa...


  • Effect of renal failure on men

    2016-12-24 10:51:29

    Causes of kidney failure are many, men do not pay attention to their own living habits in normal life, frequent excessive sexual life, do not pay attention to diet, resulting in a lot of men appeared abnormal renal function, renal failure is...


  • Chronic renal failure diet regulation

    2016-12-24 10:46:35

    For the treatment of chronic renal failure to improve or eliminate the clinical symptoms, control of the disease, improve the quality of life of patients, patients in the diet control protein intake is an important aspect of treatment of chr...


  • The harm of chronic renal failure to the body

    2016-12-24 10:45:01

    Acidosis, electrolyte metabolism disorder, anemia are complications of chronic renal failure, only effective treatment of chronic renal failure complications, can do to protect renal function. 1 control proteinuria. A large number of protein...


  • Renal failure in dietary considerations

    2016-12-24 10:32:05

    We should all know that renal failure in patients with renal function will decline. We can not simply rely on medication to maintain, in the diet we should pay attention to some. So what is the need for kidney failure in diet, lets listen to...


  • Principles of diet in patients with renal failure

    2016-12-24 10:28:32

    Diet on renal failure, many people will ignore the patients with digestive and metabolic function there will be some problems, but also is very important for the life of the patients on diet. Patients to a reasonable diet to ensure that pati...


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