• What are the hazards of nephrotic syndrome?

    2017-08-08 17:02:12

    Nephrotic syndrome is a common disease in clinical terms, the disease caused by a variety of causes, the glomerular basement membrane permeability increased with the decrease of glomerular filtration rate and glomerular disease a syndrome. What are the ha...

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  • How does the prevention work of nephrotic syndrome do

    2017-08-03 17:10:41

    Although we have heard of the disease of nephrotic syndrome, but it should not understand a few people it! Because of this, many people have been suffering from nephrotic syndrome but do not know, this is because of kidney disease Syndrome The symptom...


  • What are the dietary therapies for pediatric nephrotic syndr

    2017-08-03 17:09:04

    Pediatric disease, nephrotic syndrome is a relatively common one, many parents do not have the best preventive time for children suffering from nephrotic syndrome, many diseases are by diet therapy to treat, I believe the following several therapeutic...


  • The details of the diet of patients with nephrotic syndrome

    2017-08-03 17:08:26

    Since ancient times there have been disease from the mouth of the argument, the occurrence of any disease and daily life details, eating habits are closely related. So, in order to treat the disease well, diet is also a problem can not be ignored, the...


  • What is the harm of nephrotic syndrome to human body?

    2017-07-31 15:40:04

    Nephrotic syndrome is a relatively complex disease, causing great harm to human body, what is the harm of nephrotic syndrome to human body? The following is some information, for your reference. After the formation of nephrotic syndrome, nephropathy patie...

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  • What are the ways to prevent nephrotic syndrome?

    2017-07-29 17:20:53

    The development of modern society has greatly increased the variety of beverages, many people covet the taste of drinks and fondle admiringly, indifferent to the drinking of boiled water. Its a very bad habit of life. Beverages contain a large number of c...

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  • Will nephrotic syndrome lead to death?

    2017-07-28 17:02:10

    Willnephrotic syndrome leadto death? Many people will have such a question, but in fact, as long astakecareful treatment, and do the matters needing attention in daily life, it will not lead todeath. The following willintroduce the treatment and care of n...

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  • What is the cause of nephrotic syndrome hypertension?

    2017-07-28 16:49:54

    The earliest symptom of nephrotic syndrome is sudden reduction ofurine output, less than 400 ml of urinevolume ina day, followed by edema, nausea, vomiting, weakness, muscle paralysis, arrhythmia, dyspnea or blood pressure changes. So, what is the cause o...

    Tags:nephrotic sy,hypertension

  • How do nephritic syndrome patients reduce swelling?

    2017-07-27 19:11:42

    Edema is the most common and obvious symptom of renal disease. It is also the most easily overlooked symptom. Every nephrotic patient is likely to showthis symptom, and the nephrotic syndrome is no exception. So, how does nephrotic syndromepatient reduce ...

    Tags:nephritic sy,swelling

  • What is the cause of edema in nephrotic syndrome?

    2017-07-26 16:31:45

    What is the cause of edema in nephrotic syndrome? Many patients with nephrotic syndrome will be the phenomenon of edema, but most patients are not very clear about it. Here is an explanation for the edema in patientswith nephrotic syndrome. What is the ca...

    Tags:nephrotic sy,edema

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