• How to determine the effect of treatment in kidney disease?

    2018-01-30 16:53:42

    Although patients with kidney disease dont understand most of the laboratory sheets, but you should not be strange with urine protein, creatinine and other values, so in many peoples view, the effect of treatment of kidney disease, that is the degree to w...

  • Key points in treatment of IgA Nephropathy

    2018-01-22 16:48:42

    IgA nephropathy is the most common primary glomerular disease, which originally belongs to Mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, but it has become a separate pathological type, so it is often called Mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis. In fac...

  • How to treat Nephropathy with urinary occult Blood?

    2018-01-04 17:21:42

    Urine occult blood is checked by urine routine, and there is a red blood cell in the urine routine. If the red blood cells increase (normal is negative), in terms of its number, a minority can be called urinary occult blood, and urinary occlusion itself c...

  • What does the patients with albuminuria have done?

    2017-12-15 16:29:52

    The leakage of protein indicates that the renal tubule is damaged, accelerating the decline of renal function, and seriously affecting the prognosis of renal failure. There are mainly three steps to reduce protein. Use hormone: a lot of nephritis of hormo...

  • How does kidney disease patients improve blood lipid abnormalities?

    2017-12-13 15:48:36

    In patients with chronic kidney disease often associated with hyperlipidemia, hyperlipidemia can aggravate glomerulosclerosis, not conducive to the treatment of kidney disease, which is an important factor in cardiovascular disease. Studies have reported ...

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