Zhang Youkang

Research Interests The diagnosis and treatment of kidney internal medicine disease Achievements He won the “Chinese PHD graduate with outstanding contribution”of which is given away by the national education committee and the state council degree committee in 1991.Since 1986 ,he won six prize of national scientific and technological achievement award ( frist prize in item 3 、 second prize in item 2 third prize in item 1).Now he is hold the post of the managing editors 、the editors and referees of engage by special arrangement of Chinese internal medicine 、the kidney magazine 、journal of Beijing university (medical edition)、journal of clinical kidney disease(CKD) 、Chinese journal of new drugs ,enjoy the national special allowance .

Tong Xinxiang

Tong Xinxiang, graduated from the Medical Department of Hebei University, who studies in Medicine Department of affiliated hospital of Hebei University. He engaged in the study and treatment of kidney diseases, especially the progression of kidney disease, theory and treatment of fibrosis with in-depth research. Its unique kidney disease treatments, won the praise from our patients. Be good at treating: nephrotic syndrome, chronic Glomerular nephritis, interstitial nephritis, renal dysfunction.

Liu shuqin

Liu shuqin is the Consultation Center director and Research Center deputy director of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. In 40 years clinical study, she has a further study of Nephrotic Syndrome(NS), Lupus Nephritis(LN), Diabetic Nephropathy(DN), Kidney Failure and so on. In the long-term clinical research, she made a set of unique treatment that won the Third Prize in National Technology Progress. At the same time, this method had applied for inpidual patent. As a female Kidney Disease expert, she is known for her patience and kindness. Many patients like to talk with her about their troubles, trifles and so on. She is not only a doctor with superior skills, but also a friend for patients. She regards the patients as her family. she takes strict diagnosis and more careful nursing. Last year, a patient sent her a banner “Miao Shou Hui Chun”. She said “it’s normal for patients trust their doctors, I don’t deserve the banner because that’s my work and that’s my duty”.

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